Silver Lining

Silver Lining became a resident business on Riduna Park late in 2021, creating a new home for this successful estate planning firm.
We chat here to Steve Wilkes, Managing Director.

Congratulations on relocating your business to Riduna Park. Why now? What made you move in December 2021?

To be honest, we’ve always wanted to be here on the Park and had been in other business settings in the Ipswich area, and more recently Brightwell.

Before now, we couldn’t really have justified the space of our own unit – but now, thanks to growth and some really good projections for the year ahead, it’s the perfect time.

Tell us more about what you do:

Our core services are wills, power of attorney, and probate.

We mainly work with homeowners over 50, and business owners, steering them through all aspects of estate planning.

Silver Lining covers a lot of the areas we ought to get in place for the future of ourselves and our loved ones – like setting up trusts, deciding what is left to whom in a will, planning for the passing on of your business assets, and even pre-paying for funerals.

Are there are other types of businesses or individuals you’d be keen to work with more?

Financial advisers and accountants for sure. They’re likely to be speaking to the very people who could benefit from our expertise and experience.

So what does the year ahead look like for you?
We’re really focusing on wills for business owners and will be prioritising that area of our marketing activity, plus, there’s no doubt that the pandemic showed us how much greater our geographical reach was able to be – so we consider ourselves much more of a national company going forward.

Great – sounds like you’ll be welcoming clients from all over the country to your office on Riduna Park. What have you particularly liked about being here so far?

Definitely the fact that there’s a lack of traffic to contend with in the mornings, because this is much closer to home for me. Also that the buildings are so modern and the management is really friendly.

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