We seek to provide the canvas for your business to become its own unique masterpiece. Ours is a state of the art office village, with a community ethos on the edge of the Suffolk coast.

Our story

We’ve been involved in the creation and evolution of business parks and workplace environments for many decades.

What we’ve learned, and what we’ve applied to Riduna Park, is that the space in which people nurture their unique businesses is absolutely vital as an ingredient in the health of that company and its staff.

Riduna Park is therefore a very inspiring and yet wholly practical and accessible site.

We’ve been conscious of how functional it needs to be for our entrepreneurs and their clients, but also how enjoyable it needs to be as a space in which to work, collaborate, congregate and so much more.

Our resident community can enjoy the nature-inspired park setting, while being a stone’s throw from major road and rail routes.

We’re proud of the evolving culture of support and celebration which is already being fostered by all those who have made Riduna Park their home.

We look forward to welcoming you and your business too.

Our Values

We believe you can only provide the right environment for businesses if you really understand and empathise with that entrepreneurial community. We certainly do. We’re passionate about celebrating the successes of East Anglian firms and their people. We have created flexible working space, traditional, minimal, maximal and everything in between for each companies needs.


There’s nothing safe nor straightforward about running a business. That’s why we’ve created a space which consistently inspires and ignites the imagination.


We love the saying that ‘it takes a village’. By this, we mean we’re on the journey with you and your business. We’re here to support you and your parkside neighbours at every step.


Business can often seem lonely – if you’re not part of the right network. Riduna Park creates that collaborative environment, with events and communication always keeping you connected.


Why would you want to be in a business setting which is more akin to how companies ‘used’ to operate 10 years ago? We’re modern business hosts, for a modern business world.


It means a lot to us to hear how you’re progressing and in what you’re succeeding. We use our media and communication outreach to proudly help you tell the story of what you’re achieving.


This means we’ve the kind of open door and open ears attitude which ensures you can always tell us about ways in which we can help your vision come to fruition, however that looks.

A purpose built and fully landscaped business park set in a mature setting on the River Deben.