The Woodbridge Vets

It’s time for another check-in with one of our Riduna Park residents.

Here, we’ve been catching up with Laurie Barrow, founding partner of The Woodbridge Vets.

Congratulations on launching your veterinary practice. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

It’s headed up by me and my business partner, Kyle Eadie. We were actually at university together, and whilst Kyle grew up in Kesgrave, I’m originally from Oxford. I love living in the Woodbridge area and I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to set up a practice serving the local community and their pets.

What’s different about your approach to running this practice?

Our main principal is that we do everything in the best interest of the animal – not for the profit of corporate shareholders. Being independent allows us to stand firm by that ethos and to do things like implement our ‘Same Vet Promise’. This ensures continuity of care by making sure you see the same vet whenever possible.

And how about the building itself? Is there a particularly unique approach to how that’s been designed for you?

We’re a contemporary forward-thinking practice, and the facility you’ll see on arrival is very much reflective of that – this is why we wanted to be in a modern setting like Riduna Park.
We’ve got separate cat and dog waiting areas to ease any stress felt by our patients, and we also have modern consultation rooms along with a sterile operating theatre.
All our rooms are designed to be sound proofed – again, to prevent causing our patients anxiety.

How big is your staff team?

We’ve got two vets, a receptionist, a practice manager and two veterinary nurses.
We may also end up recruiting in the near future too.

What are you loving most about being based on Riduna Park?

It’s absolutely ideal for us, both practically, and in terms of reflecting our modern approach to veterinary care.

The location is brilliant, with plenty of parking and ease of access. There’s a real sense that the site is concerned with being green, like the electric vehicle charging points and open natural seating spaces. It’s also it’s really welcoming, with a café that’s perfect for our clients to visit when they have an appointment.

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