One Long Year in Suffolk

And just like that – it was March again.

As hard as it is to believe that we’re now 12 months on from the first nationwide lockdown, here at Riduna Park, we’re busy reflecting on what an incredibly busy period it’s been.

Of course, life on the park has been far from the normal routine we’d seen prior to the Spring of 2020, but there’s been more than enough change, activity and opportunity.

Let’s start with a business name and venue we know many of you have long considered a daily ‘must visit’.

Honey + Harvey has been operating for much of the year, mainly with takeaways.

For those who’ve not been on site in recent times, you won’t have been aware that the café has now taken over more space – with an expansion into the unit next door.

Our best wishes to Harvey and the team for this chapter.

Also moving within the park, has been Sarah’s Carers, a resident business which has been doing invaluable care work throughout this challenging time.

Sarah and her staff have now taken on an upstairs office location.

Arriving during the pandemic has been pilates instructor Lara Pepper. She’s been keeping fitness fans busy through lockdown with online sessions.

In the not too distant future, we’ll be welcoming more new residents too. Unit 16 is being finished with a bespoke layout plan, and will be ready for two new tenants by the middle of the month.

Our thanks to Mixbrow, Concept Designs, Giles Plumbing and Heating, Bayfields, Doyle Electrical Services and MAKInteriors for their fast work.

Unit 22-24 were finished in recent weeks and the keys have been handed over to X-on, who we look forward to hearing more about in the months ahead.

Aside from our busy businesses on the park, you may well have noted – if you’ve popped by on a daily walk – that the world of nature has been pretty active too.

We’ve got some bulbs bursting into bloom around the site, and new beds are taking shape in the latest phase of the development.

Keep an eye out for more plants in the area close to the café, and if you’re particularly lucky, you may get to spot the bluebird resident who seems to be enjoying frequent visits to our bird boxes.

So while the signs of Spring are very much apparent, we are crossing our fingers that in every sense, this will turn out to be a positive new stage in the road for all of us.

We look forward to seeing you back at Riduna Park soon.