Riduna Residents Share Their Energy Tips

There’s no escaping the reality of rising energy bills – whether you’re at home or at work.

1 Switch Off to Save

“Get everyone into the habit of switching off lights when they’re out of a room, and even buy sensors so that lights only come on when people are actively in that space.”

2 Kitchen Kindness

“Stick a sign up in the kitchen to remind people about switching things like microwaves off at the wall. And if you’re going to boil up the kettle for yourself, check whether your colleague wants a cuppa at the same time, rather than five people re-boiling the same kettle within a few minutes.”

 3 Night-Time Etiquette

“Don’t leave computers and other screens on standby overnight. Switch them off fully.”

 4 Meters, Monitors and Measuring

“If you really want to get in to the detail of what’s being used and how you could save, get a meter which monitors use of specific items. It’s amazing to find out where the energy is going and it allows you to cut back in the areas which are particularly wasteful.”

5 Cleaner Commuter Culture

“While we’re all encouraging each other to save energy in the office, we’re also talking more among each other about how to save as individuals and within our families. One thing we’re all doing is finding out who is travelling on the same route to work, so that we can share lifts, while others are cycling in and giving up the car for a few days a week.”

For further support for yourself, your family member, or your colleagues, consider sourcing extra help from East Suffolk Council.
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