Become a Tree-Friender!

Are you the kind of person who feels passionately about playing your part in saving our natural world?

Do you marvel at our glorious landscape and long to see it preserved?
Well – be a Tree-friender.
This is something which our resident, Melton Parish Council, is calling for more people to do.
Tree-frienders are local residents who would be willing to ‘tree-friend’ some of the newly planted saplings in the area, ensuring they make it through the drier spells.
You may have noticed some of them already have ribbons tied to them – this indicates someone has agreed to look after the tree.

Currently, trees are planted at:
Hall Farm Road Sports Ground
Melton Recreation Ground
Orchard Close / Bury Hill
Beresford Drive

If you would like to become a Tree-Friender please email:
In your message, please advise which trees you would like to help water.
If you cannot give that level of commitment, please consider taking a bottle of water when out walking in the local area and give some of the newly planted trees a drink in the warmer weather.